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Regular and Angled

Crestal Sinus Lift Kit

The Crestal Sinus Lift kit is designed for a crestal approach to sinus elevation. This features a series of relatively blunt carbides and diamonds with drill stops that will allow you to get to the membrane quickly and atraumatically.
● It helps over perforation (3-12mm)
Guide Drill
● It forms guide making accuate point
before using reamer
Diamond Reamer
● It is used to cleanse residual soft
tissues after extraction
● It also can be initial guide when
bone is thin (residual bone is too
close to membrane)
● Recommended : 800-1200rpm
Sensor Guage
● Check if sinus is perforated.
Depth Guage
● It is used to measure depth or drilled hole.
Bone Syringe
● It is used to scoop ground bone and graft.
Bone Packer
● It is to push bone material into sinus.
SD – Reamer
● To use for perforation of
sinus wall.
● Its conical design helps safe
membrane lifting at drilling.
● Recommended: 800-