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QTY: 1-24 $169
QTY: 25-49 $149
QTY: 50-99 $129
QTY: 100+ $119
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The ImplantVision Tapered Implant incorporates many contemporary features designed to simplify surgical and restorative protocols while maximizing clinical outcomes. Six diameters, each available in five lengths, allow you to select the appropriate implant for each case. The implant-abutment interface is an industry-standard internal hex prosthetic connection.

The coronal 3 mm of each implant feature parallel-walled microthreads, designed to increase bone-to-implant contact at the crest of the ridge. Apical to that, the microthreads transition to double-lead buttress threads, with the outer diameter of the implant tapering at 4 degrees, and the inner diameter tapering at 3 degrees. This dual-taper design enhances initial stability, while the two self-tapping grooves facilitate a simplified surgical protocol.


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