Flexo-Plate & Flexo-Membrane

Flexo-plates are prepared in three sizes, 15×20 mm, 15×25 mm and 15×30
mm, Flexo-membranes are prepared in seven sizes, in .50mm increments
from 20 x 20mm to 35x35mm.


Osteolife Biomedical has added to its inventory flexible and bendable, partially decalcified bone sheets and is adopted for use during in vivo repair, replacement or reformation of the skeletal system. The allografts comprise sheets of partially decalcified natural bone having sufficient flexibility and the strength to be shaped to conform to the configuration of the portion of the skeleton to be repaired without damage to the sheet.

The bone matrix is ultimately resorbed by the body thereby eliminating the need for surgical removal of the matrix as is often necessary when exogenous membrane material is used.

It has been shown that partially or completely decalcified bone matrix can be sectioned into thin sheets (flexo-plates) or membranes (flexo-membranes) and that such preparations can be utilized for repairing or regenerating bone. The material is prepared in two thicknesses. Flexo-plates are 0.75 to 1.0mm thick. Flexo-membranes are .50mm or less thick.
● Biocompatible
● Non-inflammatory
● Capable of inducing osteogenesis
● Resorbed by the body and replaced with natural bone
● Posses tensile strength
● Partially decalcified perfoated bone
● Implanted without being affixed to the underlying bone

● Used in maxillary sinus augmentation elevation
● Repair of oro-nasal fistulas
● Alveolar augmentation
● Guided tissue regeneration in periodontal disease
● Augmentation and reconstruction of facial and other skeletal structures
The unique methods or preparation and use of flexo-plates and flexo-membranes are covered by US Patents 8,888,823 and 9,101, 424.

Flexo-plates are prepared in three sizes:
15×20 mm
15×25 mm
15×30 mm

Flexo-membranes are prepared in seven sizes, in .50mm increments:
20 x 20mm
20 x 25mm
25 x 25mm
25 x 30mm
30 x 30mm
30 x 35mm
35 x 35mm


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