Implant Guidance System




This user-friendly system was designed to be used as a surgical guide when placing implants. The Guiding System will ensure correct implant location (bucco-lingual & mesio-distal) while also helping determine the optimal implant diameter during placement.
The Guldens* System Is comprised of
· Titanium Blades – will accurately determine appropriate implant diameter and position for 1 or 2 implants.
· Titanium Measuring Pins with extensions-will guide position and diameter of implants in edentulous arches.
· Titanium Parallel Pins – used for assuring parallel placement of implants and to check positioning.
· Blade Handle – Provides the ability to securely maneuver and position the blades throughout the mouth.
· Trey- Sturdy. auto-clavable housing for all Guiding System parts. The Guidance System is universal and can be used with any dental implant system on the market.


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