Implant Surgical Drilling Kit




The Advanced Surgical Drilling Kh shown here Includes:
Ratchet Wrench, Straight Handle. Drill Extension, Implant Mount Diver, Thumb Knob. Long and Short .048 Hex Driver. Long and Short .050 Hex Driver, Long and Short 2.5mm Hex Driver. 4. Direction Indicators. Pilot Drill, and 7. Surgical Drills: 2.3/, 3.4/, 4.4/3.8, 4.8/4.4. and 5.4/4.8.
The Kit is autoclaveable.
Also includes Torque Wrench (NTVV)
This kit may be autoclaved. Follow the sterilizer manufacturer’s recommended procedure while observing the following cautions:

•Do not exceed 275′ (175’C)
•Do not submerge in any solution
•Do not use ultrasonic devices
•Do not autoclave for extended periods of time (i.e. overnight) Extended autoclaving should not be confused with repeated autoclaving Repeated autoclaving will not harm the product


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