Mont Blanc Implant Handpiece




Reduction Mont Blanc* Implant Handpiece Included with Implant Motor
The Mont Blanc” is our best implant handpiece. Ceramic bell bearing construction ensures precision surgical operation and makes it one of the strongest handpieces on the market The built in depth gauge makes it easy to drill your osteotomy without having to search for markings on your bur. This handpiece can be easily disassembled by hand for extremely easy & quick maintenance.

•One of the strongest handpieces on the market today (Rated at 80Ncrn) Stainless steel with precision bell-bearing contruction for efficient output
•Recommended for use with the MS Implant Motor This combination allows for single handpiece implant procedures – osteotomy and tapping
•Mont Blanc contra angles are easy to clean
•Even surfaces for improved infection control
•Internal & external irrigation
•Excellent for drilling the osteotomy. tapping & threading
•Fully detachable head allows for thorough maintenance to ensure lasting durability and reliability
•Includes contra angle handpiece, two adjustable stops, ruler, and irrigation tubing


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