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Lateral Sinus Lift Kit

The Sinus Lateral Approach (SLA) Kit offers a minimally invasive approach to lateral sinus lifts. It offers a complete solution for accessing the sinus via opening the lateral wall. The result is minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. Unique and patented design of the LS reamer protects the Schneiderian membrane, and the special blade design creates a thin bone disc.

Crestal Sinus Lift Kit

The Crestal Sinus Lift kit is designed for a crestal approach to sinus elevation. This features a series of relatively blunt carbides and diamonds with drill stops that will allow you to get to the membrane quickly and atraumatically.
● It helps over perforation (3-12mm)
Guide Drill
● It forms guide making accuate point
before using reamer
Diamond Reamer
● It is used to cleanse residual soft
tissues after extraction
● It also can be initial guide when
bone is thin (residual bone is too
close to membrane)
● Recommended : 800-1200rpm
Sensor Guage
● Check if sinus is perforated.
Depth Guage
● It is used to measure depth or drilled hole.
Bone Syringe
● It is used to scoop ground bone and graft.
Bone Packer
● It is to push bone material into sinus.
SD – Reamer
● To use for perforation of
sinus wall.
● Its conical design helps safe
membrane lifting at drilling.
● Recommended: 800-

Wound Dressing


Tape Size:
2.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 1mm


Foam Size:
2.0 cm x 4.0 cm x 3.0 mm


Plug Size:
10 mm x 20 mm

Freeze Dried Mineralized Bone Packs

Sinus Grafting Pack


8 vials of 1cc FDBA
4 vials of 3cc FDBA 20cc

Flexo-Plate & Flexo-Membrane

Flexo-plates are prepared in three sizes, 15×20 mm, 15×25 mm and 15×30
mm, Flexo-membranes are prepared in seven sizes, in .50mm increments
from 20 x 20mm to 35x35mm.

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MX Grafter


Harvest Bone Without Difficulty
• Save time – Integrated System rapidly cuts, collects, and
• No suction used; graft is enclosed until placed
• Ready to use osseous coagulum
• Low morbidity at the donor site

Unicortical bone block


*** product short description here ***



Pericardium membrane is a natural allograft material that comes from the tissue surrounding the heart. Pericardium provides a long lasting barrier when optimum strength and handling for graft containment are necessary. It acts as a guide in the healing of bone and surrounding tissue.

Pericardium functions as a thin pliable membrane that will lay flat on the grafting site. It is an outstanding choice in cases such as Block Allograft coverage and large Ridge Augmentation procedures, where adaptability to surface contours is essential.

Resorption time, 4-6 months – hydrate with saline prior to use – room temperature storage.

Resorbable Sutures

Vilet 5-0 Polyglactin


• Coated For Smooth, No-Drag Suture Passage
• Synthetic, Absorbable, Braided, Undyed, 18” (45cm)

Vilet 4-0 Polyglactin


• Coated For Smooth, No-Drag Suture Passage
• Synthetic, Absorbable, Braided, Undyed, 30” (75cm)

Vilet 3-0 Polyglactin


• Coated For Smooth, No-Drag Suture Passage
• Synthetic, Absorbable, Braided, Undyed, 30” (75cm)

Non - Resorbable Sutures

Monotex 4-0 PTFE (T8604)


Needle: P-3 (13mm 3/8c Premium RevCt.)
Length: 18in.

Monotex 4-0 PTFE (T8001)


Needle: FS-3 (16mm 3/8c RevCt.)
Length : 18in.

Monotex 3-0 PTFE


Monotex® White Monofilament, Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, Non-Absorbable Suture. Monotex is an ultra-soft, high density surgical suture design with low surface porosity. The monofilament construction helps reduce bacterial migration along the suture line.


Riverpro 5-0 Polypropylene


• Coated For Smooth, No-Drag Suture Passage
• Synthetic, Non-Absorbable, Blue, 18” (45cm)

Bone Graft Instrument Kit

2.60 out of 5
(Based on 10 reviews)

Includes 4 Bone Graft Condensers, 1 Bone Carrier & 1 Condenser/Carrier with Titanium Coated Tips in a Small Cassette. Free Dappen Dish Included.

Ridge Mapping Tool

2.58 out of 5
(Based on 12 reviews)

Soft Tissue Kit


Gingival tissues, the soft tissue frame of dentition, play a major role in dental esthetics. Osteolife Biomedical’s Soft Tissue Instrument Kit includes essential instruments for successful soft tissue management. Convenient cassette storage keeps vital instruments at your fingertips so you can focus on creating beautiful smiles.

Screw Fixation Kit


The Screw Fixation, Pin Fixation and Titanium Membranes Kit is a systematized assortment of Guided Bone Regeneration with useful Fixation screw and Titanium mesh plate.

Scalpel Handle

Steel Surgical Scalpel Handle

Micro-Miniature Bladex

Full Radius Double Bevel